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The sun streamed brightly through my drawn curtains, gently easing me out of my light sleep.  I squinted at the brightness and sighed, Summer was over and it was time to start college. Many of my older friends told me that this was when my social life would pretty much go down the toilet ... no I couldn't let that happen!

My sister skipped happily into my room, "Time to get up Chrissy, first day at school!" she squeeled, evidently excited about going back to school. Come to think of it, she would be wouldn't she? she was eight! At the age of eight, I enjoyed going to school and playing blocky and stuck in the mud at breaktime. When I look at the homework my sister is set from her school, it looks far too easy and I often wish that I was eight again.

It would be great to be that age again, too not get homework every day, or to be able pull a sickie whenever you wanted and not worry about having to catch up on work! Life is sweet when your eight!

I groaned and rolled out of bed, reaching under my bed and grabbing my slippers, which I slipped onto my feet before shuffling off to the bathroom to make myself look decent.

When I had applied all makeup and was looking stunning, even if I do say so myself I bid my sister and mother goodbye and climbed into my car. As i pulled into the student car park, I caught sight of my best friend Isobel Smith waiting for me.

Isobel looked as beautiful as ever, she had been on holiday to Tenerife over the summer so her olive toned complexion was beautifully tanned.

I trotted up to her and pulled her into a tight hug which she recipatated with great warmth and affection.

College wont be that bad i thought to myself, as i linked arms with Isobel and we started to make our way towards the sixthform block. As long as Isobel was with me everything will be fine!

The End

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