Two Lonely Souls

Two lonely souls walked over a deserted beach at sunset.

Two lonely souls that had known each other since the beginning of time, and yet didn't know each other at all.

Two lonely souls, both romantic, poetic, ever searching.

The sand took up their footprints. It would keep them safe forever. It would remember, though to the eye it would seem it had already forgotten.

The sea whispered their names. Their true names, their soul names, not the shallow, temporary names humans give their offspring. The sea whispered their real names, the names of the two lonely souls, ever searching.

Their eyes meet. Both look away. They know they didn't come here for an evening swim, as their swimming suits and towels slung over their shoulders might suggest. Both wanted to decieve themselves a little while longer. The flood of emotions they suddenly felt could never be anything real. This only happens in films and fairytales.

They look at each other again. Both are fascinated by each other. Neither knows exactly why.

The distance between them becomes smaller and smaller. She stands still on the rock, suddenly terrified of the feelings that overwhelmed her. He continues to walk, now determinedly toward her, burning with strange desire.

He reaches her. Words are unneccessary. They drop their towels and the wind carries them away. They hold each other, they tear off their clothes, they make love. The storm, the wind and rain, lightning and thunder don't bother them. The sea throws wave after wave over them, sending the salty cold water crashing down on their naked bodies, but they don't care. They are one, and everything is them.

They climax simultaneously. They open their mouths to scream, but instead they emit the harmony that we hear from the moment we are born. The storm continues to rage around them as they curl up together and fall asleep.

The first rays of sunlight wake them. The lonely souls, understanding that they have found each other, stand up and hurriedly make their way to her home, together.

After all, you still get fined for public nudity.

The End

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