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The night following the celebration Brink settled in the den and watched the flickering of the fire. It's wavering glow covered his skin with an aura of peace, and yet something was bothering him deep inside. Having fed only an hour before on a delicious young man, his soul felt full but his mind was in turmoil.

He sat in a large leather chair, fingers interlaced  and resting on his lap. What was it about the two Beaufort sisters? What was it about their bodies or personalities, that forced him to stop before tearing out their hearts and devouring their souls? Had they been enchanted, cursed, perhaps they drank a poison that had weakened his body around them? 

Brink shook his head, no that wasn't true. He frowned and bowed his head slightly hiding his head behind his long black locks of hair. A heavy sigh passed his lips as he continued to think past all the reasons, they had both fallen for him. Madeline a bit more desperately than Natalia. Both were beautiful and they had while a bit opposite yet charming hearts, they had become his little harem while he tried to kill them during passion and protected them from nothing in the day. 

"Is something troubling you, Sir Ereon?" a soft voice called to him. His gaze snapped mechanically towards the sound, catching sight of two figures standing next to each other. It was the sisters, Brink closed his eyes for a moment and turned his head away, his aura wavering for an imperceptible moment. Taking a breath and running a hand through his hair, Brink managed a small smile and gestured for the women to sit in chairs that sat next to his. Both of the girls looked at each other a mix of competitiveness and yet shared compassion being exchanged as they moved and sat in the chairs. 

"Ladies...I'll tell you this now, you may drop the formalities and call me Brink. It does me no disrespect, I promise you both." His eyes opened and returned to stare at the fire, reminding him of the all consuming fire within his own soul. Madeline moved her fingers through the ringlets of her hair to pull them out of her face. She opened her mouth for a moment but then stopped and frowned, there was many questions she wanted to ask the man but she didn't feel it was her place. Natalia noticed her sisters moment of indecision and smirked taking advantage of the peaceful silence.

"Sir Er-...Brink, lately you seem bothered. During the day, you watch over us with a kind smile and quaint conversation but we've noticed that when night roles around you...avoid us..." She trailed off as her sister picked up.

"We want to know....have we done something to wrong you or hurt you? If we have we are terribly sorry and ask you forgiveness. Please just tell us," Both of the sisters were asking a question that they thought the other didn't know. They really wanted to know why he hadn't visited their bed chambers and made love with them, though each sister didn't know Brink had been with the other.  

Brink let out a chuckle that confused the girls, standing he moved to walk before the fires warm. It heated his shins and churned through his veins, moving through his body. He stayed facing the fire as he spoke, his voice light and heart filled. 

"Your both wonderful girls, each with your own amazing qualities." he started, hooking his hands together behind his back. He wanted to pin them together to the wall and demand why he was unable to consume their souls, his eyes filled black for a moment before returning to normal. He needed to keep his control, if one of them or both of them found out what he was...he'd loose their affection and again he's be uprooted. He's have to leave and find a new home, a new town, a new culture...He looked at his feet, he didn't want that. 

"Do not ever think that you have wronged me, my life has been both a blessing and a curse. I have moved through many lands, met many people and I just fear the loss of this home." As the girls opened their mouths to ask why, Brink turned and met their gaze. "I beg that you do not ask why I have had many a home and is painful and wish not to recall it." Smiling, he took one of their hands each and brought them to their feet. 

"I'm am just so graced to have such caring young ladies like yourselves to look out for my well being." he guided out of the den and through the house. Silence was a perfect company to the three as they finally were in the garden and amid the wondrous glow of the moon. Brink sighed and sat in the grass, allowing the girls to sit with him. "I'm pleased that you two even bother your time with a monster like me." He smiled and laughed warmly, the girls giggled too oblivious to his meaning. Still through all their presence with him, he could not discern what kept their souls from him.  

Brink closed his eyes and relaxed, jolting when he felt the girls each take his hand and squeeze it gently. Their was jealousy and anger exchanged quickly between the girls but they immediately got rid of the look for his sake and they smiled innocently. 

"It is a grace to us that you are keeping us so safe." Natalia said sweetly. 

"And treating us like we're adults instead of our father who treats us like children." Madeline said, bring thoughts of her arranged marriage to mind. Brink gave her a look that said he'd never let her 'supposed' husband take her. She was his...they were both his, and if he couldn't devour them he wanted to keep them to his self. 

"Well thank you my darlings," he gushed and stood, taking them with him. But I believe it is time for bed and I really need to relax," he purred seductively stepping into the house. The moonlight glinted mischeviously in his eyes as the doors to the castle shut behind him. 

The End

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