Brink: Wolf Among SheepMature

"I shall give you a tour of the castle, make sure you know your surroundings,"Sir Beaufort spoke. Brink turned his glowing eyes to the man and flicked over his facial features. He was a protective father, Brink could already see that in the man's eyes. He was like a weathered dog trying to guard his rambunctious pups. A ghost of a smile tugged at Brinks mask like look. He doubted the father knew about the girls...promiscuity. Brink looked to Madeline, all the thoughts from the previous night flying back to the fore front of his mind.  "If you'd like to follow me." The father said. 

Brink acknowledged the man with a simple blink and turned his attention to the women. He gave a light bow and turned, following the father. The man began to speak, telling about the layout of the castle and all the artwork and tapestries. Brink payed not attention to the man though, he already knew everything about the place, it's people, and what it contained in the ways of arts. He was very picky when it came to his feeding grounds.

Glancing out the window, he began to muse on what had gone so wrong the night before. She was his, she was under his complete thrall. Her supple body laid out under him like a platter. He remembered grinning and kissing the skin above her heart, his claws growing  and his fangs lengthening. His eyes locked on the throbbing muscle as he kept her body under his spell with his rocking hips. But the second he pressed his claws over her heart, a jolt like lightning tore through his body. It wasn't painful, just a feeling he had never felt before. It had repulsed his hunger for her soul that he had so desperately wanted, never had he heard of an Incubus feeling or encountering such a thing. 

"Madeline..." he murmured, frowning gently. Sir Beaufort, the father, turned and looked at Brink to make sure that he was paying attention. 

"Everything alright Sir Ereon?" he asked pausing before two large wood doors embellished by gold. Brink blinked at the man and gave a gentle nod. 

"Of course sir," he said in his hypnotic voice. The man smiled at him and pushed open one of the doors. Inside was a large study, dark except for a fireplace. As Brink stepped in he admired the polished wood and animal pelts, the extensive library of books and scrolls. Sir Beaufort moved and sat at the desk, gesturing for Brink to take a seat in one of the chairs that rested before the desk. 

"Thank you," Brink murmured and sat, sitting with regal grace as though he was a prominent royal. The father cleared his throat and steepled his hands on the well carved desk. 

"As you know Sir Ereon, we have been finding more and more young men and women coming up dead. Most are found naked in a bedroom, their chests torn open and their hearts missing. Most of their blood is gone except for what pooled in their chest cavity." The man shivered a bit. "A gruesome sight...Anyways, we believe this serial killer is building up his escapades and will climax with the murders of my daughters." Brink wanted to smile and laugh at the man, that he was so close and yet so far from the truth. That in fact the real culprit was the Brink himself.

Though he was not a murderer, no, something far worse. Born the son of an Erebus and a Succubus, he was a demon. An Incubus that fed on the sexual pleasures of others before devouring their souls and drinking their blood. Being what he was meant that he got hungry and while he could go for a month without food...his starvation would cause him to go mad. Brink nodded at the man and leaned back, resting one leg over the other.

"So it is my duty to accompany your daughters, whenever they move about the house. Alternating the sister that I accompany  every hour or so?" The father nodded. Brink looked away for a moment at the fire, a dark emotion flashing behind his eyes. "And if I find this...serial killer...?" The father sighed. 

"Kill him, show that monster no mercy." Brink hid the disgust of being called a monster, he was just like the humans that surrounded him. Trying to survive, it wasn't his fault that he desired pleasures of flesh and blood. Just as humans lived off the meat of a pig or a deer, if those creatures had intelligence

"Yes sir," Brink replied in an emotionless tone and turned, leaving the room and the man behind. Brink was already curious about the sister named Madeline and how she had escaped his clutches. Of course in the heat of their act and his thrall over her, she never would have seen the claws or how did she stop him so suddenly? He shook his head a bit frustrated. 

"Hello Sir Ereon," a soft voice called. Brink already knew the girl was there and stopped. His gaze flicked to her, his golden eyes flashing in the light. 

"Ms. Natalia," he said remembering his graces. He took a few steps closer to the her, noting that she was resting in a lovely gown just outside her bed chamber. 

"I wished to know more about the man who would be guarding me...I do not like to live with silence." She said smiling calmly at him. Brink let himself smile back, still keeping his emotions under control. Maybe if he couldn't get Madeline...he could get Natalia. 

"I am not a silent person," he noted stepping to her side "Nor, I suspect, are you." he raised an eyebrow. She blushed a bit and Brink saw his chance. "I shall answer what I deem a relevant question." He decided that after being coaxed by the man last night, he wanted to see her tenacity. She would have to come for him. Natalia crossed her arms and gave him a look that said...Oh really? 

"Alright, where do you hail from? Brink Ereon is not a common name, In fact I've never heard such an odd name." She turned and walked into her room, gesturing for him to follow. Brink did but stayed on the wall far from the bed noting that she closed the door, though she had not gotten him yet. 

"It was my mother's idea of a bad joke, a jest at my father, she would say." he chuckled to himself. Sure he could speak of his parents, they were demons of course but they lived a life too. Toning down details almost made them seem normal. "She said that I had been to the Brink of death and would always hover there. At the time I was born, many children did not make it through to see their first birthday. So my father took it, hoping that it would ward off bad spirits." Brink was now lying through his teeth about the story. The real meaning of his name was that he would bring humanity to the Brink of their destruction. But Natalia didn't need to know. 

"And Ereon?" she asked walking over to him and standing before him. Bishop shut his eyes for a moment, letting the hunger fill his gut and flush through his veins. His nose took in her soft scent that warmed him. 

"Old nobles name..." he murmured knowing it was the female version of Erebus...what his father had been. Looking down at her, his hand lightly stroked her cheek and she flushed.

"I'd like to know more about you...little flower," he whispered looking her in the eyes. She grinned and took his hand leading him to the bed. They sat and she smoothed her dress, her eyes moving to Brinks...completely unaware of the hunger hidden behind his golden pools. He tilted his head a bit and pulled her into his lap, making her gasp and shiver. "Hush...hush," he cooed, running his fingers through her hair. She quivered for a few more moments before relaxing into his chest. As she lay there, eyes closed and lost to his caresses...his fingers hooked in his bows and laces. Tugging away the top of her dress, he gently laid her back upon the covers. He was not going to be denied a meal this time. 

"Wha...what" she gasped and shuddered underneath him as their clothing fell away. He smiled and kissed her, catching her in his thrall.

"I'm getting to know you..." he murmured, she was going to be dead by the time he was done with her.  

The End

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