Madeline: Torturing TouchMature

It was not in my nature to disappear through the crowd holding hands with this sort of man. His intent was clear in his perfect hazel eyes, in the way they traveled over my body.

Brink shut the door behind himself and then snaked on over to my side. I hovered near the edge of the bed, hoping my nervousness wasnt as evident as I felt it was. He stopped at my side, and then he was kissing me fiercely.

The kiss was everything passionate and fiery, like nothing I had ever felt before. Oh, I'd been kissed, sure, and dragged into shadowy corners to let our secret sides come out. But this...this was nothing like anything I'd ever felt. Something stirred in the pit of my stomach, a feeling so unfamiliar.

"Maddy," Brink whispered against my lips. I'd never been called that before. It was a nickname I thought I could get used to, so long as I could feel it tumble from his lips again. His hands had found their way to the strings of my dress, and soon it was falling from my fragile form and onto the floor.

I wasnt usually self-conscious, but I found myself crawling quickly under the covers of the bed. Brink stared at me for a long while before sliding in beside me, trailing his fingers over the bones that jutted out of my hips. Lost on a wave of ecstasy, I moaned and gasped as his touch covered every inch of me.

"I am going to have you," Brink said simply, kissing me upon the neck, teasing me with a flick of the tongue. "I am going to devour you." 

"Take me, then," I murmured into the dark. I could feel him now, moving against me, so very close. I was trembling, trembling...

When it happened, it was everything magical and perfect. I never wanted to lose that feeling, like there was nothing else in the world but his body pressed against to my own. It was over much too soon; I stared up into Brink's eyes.

Something flickered across his face, some emotion I couldnt quite pick out. Then he smiled ever so slightly, bend forward to kiss me gently on the lips. When he rolled off of me, I felt a smile of my own coming over my face.

I felt renewed, like everything about the world suddenly seemed so clear. He was still laying beside me, this complete stranger who I had just shared the most intimate of moments with.There were a million things I wanted to tell him, and yet I didnt have a single thing to say.

"You're exquisite," Brink told me quietly. "I'd like to see you again."

I thought there might have been something pained in his voice, but I didnt let myself linger on it. "Of course," I assured him. Of course I would see him again. I might not have known it yet, but this was only the very beginning of a very beautiful disaster.

The End

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