Brink: SensualityMature

Brink's golden eyes pierced through the crowds of gowns and rubies, shinning slippers that flickered and tossed small rainbows upon the wall as couples waltzed and twirled. These dances; the royal balls, dances, weddings, parties, all brought something to delight the eye and entice the senses. Many of the single men and women mingled, some connection and others not. Brink smiled softly, the women of the surround royalty were beautiful creatures that gracefully moved like panthers about their male counterparts.

As he stepped into the room, many pairs of eyes both men and women flicked to him, most not even able to hide their shock or lust at his lovely, perfect features. Most drinking in the aura he gave off, it was pure predatory with accents of mystery, danger, and the promises of their most darkest desires behind closed doors. Many of the women giggled and blushed brightly, a few of the bolder ones moving to him and presenting their hands. Brink's face remained a kind smiling mask, hiding the demon hidden below the surface.

"Laides," he said in a flourish of his voice, kissing the tops of their hands. The girls blushed a deep sanguine, allowing him to watch blood rush from their hearts to their cheeks. "If you'll excuse me," he kindly spoke letting his eyes linger on their tantalizing frames. He moved through the see of colors and bodies, enjoying those that pushed against him. Then his eyes caught sight of a couple, his ears taking in their conversation that only they were supposed to hear.  

"What if my sister sees us hmm? Or worse, my father." The lovely girl protested. She was a dark, delicious, beauty. Supple tanned skin was covered by long hair almost black as the night around them. The long waves fell to her waist and framed her wide hazel eyes and thick black lashes. She was a gem among this sea of pearls, standing out in a graceful, yet charismatic way. The male on the other hand was a wolf in sheep's clothes.  

'Nobody's going to see us,' the man smiled, unaware that a pair of glowing topaz eyes were taking in their every move and word. The man stepped closer to the beauty and framed her face with his hands kissing her tenderly and  prompting her again. "Come on." Brink stared for a few more moments, watching as the two went up the stairs. A small twitch tugged at his lips, it was too bad the other male had taken her attention, he wouldn't have minded having her in his bed. Brink sighed softly, his body tingling as another took his hand and curtsied. 

"Hello sir," Two icy sapphire eyes met his as the woman smiled sweetly. She was slender but regal with golden ringlets that swirled around her face, even under the make up he could tell she had soft pale skin. Like a angel, she glowed in the light, her dress more stunning than the others. What had drawn her to him? The same thing that had everyone wanting him, Brink grinned at her, knowing she had taken the bait. 

"M'Lady," He replied, his voice smooth and rich as liquid chocolate. Brink bowed then returned to his full 6 foot height. His ear length black hair settled neatly upon his head without one strand out of place, the raven locks seeming to have a light reddish shimmer in the odd lighting. His complexion was perfect, like sculpted from marble, his skin a light olive tan. His suit was also a mix of black and alabaster, his tie as red as the blood in his veins. "And to whom do I owe the pleasure of company?" he asked, adding a slight tilt to his head. 

Brink was like a spider spinning a very intricate web around the young girl, she was snared already like a little fly. By now it was too late, there was no escaping his charming spell. She giggled softly, like the whisper of a butterfly, and leaned on him. The motion was more of an unconscious reaction to draw closer to Brink's presence. 

"Miss Beaufort, Madeline Beaufort." She stated matter-o-factly. He nodded, it was a lovely name and also a familiar one but that fact would be revealed to the girl in later days if she managed to survive this night. Lifting her hand, he kissed the velvet skin and hummed delightedly. 

"Good evening to you Madeline. I am Brink Ereon, new to these lands and their dazzling nobility." His hand made a sweeping motion around the room, almost expecting the retort that came as her fingers curled tightly with his. 

"But why would you want any of such nobility for company when you have me?" A sly smile crossed his lips as Brink's fingers danced around the small of her back and pulled her hips against his, a tease to set her body on fire. 

"My dear young flower, are you sure you would indulge yourself in men such as I?" he chuckled and set his face against her cheek, letting his words tickle her ear. "I am much more than I appear to be." He knew like all women, she'd take what he said as meaning something completely different. He winked at her, leaning in and kissing her lips gently. His tongue tracing her lips to let her know more was to come as he pulled away from her. 

"Sir Ereon..." she trailed off breathlessly. 

"Brink, please..." he started pressing their chests together, looking her in the eyes. "Call me Madeline...." he took her hand and lead her through the crowd, never stopping but saying his respective hello's and greetings to those that he was required to. Appearances had to be kept if what he was, stayed to himself. A door sat open and Brink allowed Madeline in first, shutting the door and walking to her. She smiled, her cheeks flushed, she opened her mouth to speak but he silenced her. Pressing his mouth to her and pressing their tongues into each other's mouths, his own lips moving passionately against hers. 

"Maddy," he teased, tugged at her dresses strings. "I hope you enjoy this night." In his head he finished. Cause this is the last night of your life. What Maddy or any of the guests downs stairs didn't know, was Brink wasn't human. He was known as an Incubus, a creature feeding off the sexual pleasures of others only to suck out the person's soul and remain forever young. Now his sights were firmly on this new little rose named Maddy. He quickly helped her undress watching as she gasped and fidgeted at the touch of his warm hands. 

When she was fully naked, Maddy moved to the bed, hiding herself under the sheets. Brink on the other hand had no qualms with anyone seeing his body, to him being naked was a part of his life style. The girl tried to look away from his bare form as he moved to the edge of the bed and crawled over her frame, tugging the covers away. She eeped a small amount before he straddled her waist and began to tease and pleasure her. 

The End

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