October 28th, 2008

I'm determined to get to school and fix things, so I don't look like a total dork to Jason. Plan failed: I swear my father can't drive for anything. I arrive at school just a few minutes too late, so I'll be missing 1st hour. Great. I guess it's back to yesterday's plan: avoid at all costs.

After 6th hour in English, I walk up to the fifth floor with Tami and Charlie. I'm focused on making sure I don't see him again. There's no way he'll see me if I see him first, plus he has a class on the fourth floor now, and he used the other staircase yesterday. Wait...is someone trying to talk to me? I turn back and, what do you know, it's Jason.

"Oh, hey! I didn't even see you there." I feel like an idiot.
"Hey, so what's up?"
"Nothing much, just gonna go to chemistry class."
"Oh, okay, cool," he says. In the background, I hear Tami say, "Wait, where did Camera go?" I look over in her direction, and she and Charlie spot me talking to Jason.
"So, hey, can I have your phone number?" Jason asks me.
I start grinning immediately. "Sure."
As he gets out a pen and a piece of paper, I try to point to him to tell Tami that he is the guy I was telling her about. I give him my phone number, and he reads it back to make sure he got it right. Then he gives me a hug before rushing off to class.
"See ya."

I turn around to look at Tami and mouth, "OMG."
"Oh my gosh! He is such a cutie!" Tami gushes. I'm giggling so much, I'm surprised I even heard her. "So, what did he ask you?"
I look at her in amazement. "You were three feet away from us! He asked for my phone number!" Tami immediately starts freaking out as much as I am.

After our quick celebration in the hallway, I rushed off to chemistry. It was hard for me to control my smiling as I repeated what just happened in my mind. After a few minutes, I realized something horrible. I just gave him my phone number! That meant eventually, he would call me and expect me to answer the phone. And talk! I am horrible when it comes to keeping up a conversation, especially with the opposite sex. I'll deal with that when the time comes I suppose.

That night Jason called me. Thankfully, I was in the middle of finishing up my homework, so I sent him a text message saying that I would just talk to him later.

The End

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