October 27th, 2008

I returned back to school on Monday. That morning I took special interest in every detail of my look, hoping to impress him. I'm so lame...

I walk in to class, but Jason isn't there. Oh well. I might see him tomorrow, hopefully. Look it's Raina.

"Camera...do you like Jason?"
Oh no! Does Raina know?!"
"Where did you get that idea?" I ask trying to look innocent.
"Because, Jason was like, 'Oh, I think Camera likes me.'" she explains, as she takes a seat. "So do you?"
"No." I don't look up.
"Well, he thinks you do."

Oh great. I thought I was being sneaky, but I guess not. New plan: avoid Jason at all costs. The rest of the day, I tried to be super aware of my surroundings so I could avoid seeing Jason in the halls. That worked...until about 7th hour.

I was trying to get to my chemistry class as quickly as possible. I dropped my guard for one moment. As I try to turn a corner, a pair of arms catch me.

"Who's this?" I wonder to myself. I look up and... "Oh! Hi!"
I had to change the expression on my face before Jason caught the horror and shock on my face.
"Hey," he replies, smiling. He gives me a hug, and I can feel my face getting hot. "So where are you going?" he questions.
"I gotta get to my chemistry class on the fifth floor," I answer quickly back.
"Oh, okay," he says. "I guess I'll see ya later then."
"Bye," I mumble.

I turn ans start to walk away, then start jogging when I'm sure he can't see me anymore. Ugh! Now I have to fix this.

The End

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