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To: Tweet Nothings
From: Danny
September 12 , 2011 at 10.55am

Had a great time at the concert!


September 12, at 11am
Danny:  Hey babe, had a great time last nite wit u :)
September 12, at 11.03am
Kirsten: Yeah babe, u were amazing! Band was pretty good too xx
September 12, at 11.05am
Danny: Nah babe, you wer the best thing frm last nite :) xx
September 12, at 11.09am
Kirsten: Aww, babes :) xxxx


September 12, at 11.45am
Jack: Hey man, did u enjoy the concert?
September 12 at 11.55am
Danny: Oh,eh yeh the band sounded good man
September 12, at 11.58am
Jack: Only good?
September 12, at 12.06am
Danny: Well, to be honest, I spent more time wit Kirsten... we didn’t reli listen to the band that much...


To: Tweet Nothings
From: Danny
September 12, at 12.25am

Kirsten seems happy, but I think Jack is pissed off with me.....

The End

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