Tune Magic 1: Drifting In and Out

So this is the random-est writing I have ever done, basically in an attempt to write myself out of the biggest Writer's Block I've ever had. Don't expect any of these shorts to make any sense. They are but a collection of words on virtual paper so that I can kick start my brain once in a while.
First up: I type away to "Drifting In and Out" by Porcelain Raft. (P.S listen to it while reading. It's more fun!)

ONE: Drifting In and Out 

Drifting in and out, I search for a specific moment in my dreams.

I am standing in a barren field, cold rain beginning to splatter the hard ground, wriggling its way into the cracks. My feet are naked. My toes cold. Overhead the sky glows with the light of some unknown object, dancing with the moon. The clouds gather, consorting about some important matter. 

I take a step back into the blank space and suddenly I am falling. Animals are swirling around me, a strange breed of creatures. Loons with long silvery manes of hair screaming my name. Wolves purring softly in my ear. I reach for a spider crawling its way out of my mouth, and it springs out a stinger, biting my lips with it. 

I land on a soft bed of pink cotton candy and nothing seems real anymore. I drift out again and reach myself, some core of me I do not think I have the strength to grasp. Mild confusion, and then my eyes are closing again. Drifting into the dream. 

The sky is bright now, the sun pale violet, the air sugary on my lips. A figure, tall and lean, with hair like winter takes my hand.  Behind him a giant zeppelin floats in the faraway heavens. He says he'll guide me towards the ice palace. When the sun ray falls on his face, I stop and stare, take in his somber face. It makes tiny worms wiggle in the pit of my stomach. I am gripped by a feeling I can not explain. Like the first taste of lemon, shocking and yet curious. Sing my song, he tells me. I shake my head. I can not reach you, I want to say despite myself. You're so pale, he says. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. 

The wind whips the snow of his hair into his eyes. I blink. He smiles. And beginning to form words, his mouth moving. I am drifting out again. He sighs, and pulls back his skin. His bones make a sudden crushing sound. I am gone.

 I am rambling. Speaking a language I do not comprehend. My voice is not like mine at all. There's some madness in the night with me. A melancholy that nearly chokes me with tears. Have I broken some rule? I do not understand. Why am I the abyss of dreams tonight? 

Thunder outside jolts me to myself. A glimpse of something silver in the dark room. And then sweet blessed sleep.

(to be continued)

The End

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