The worry and the wait

     My whole body was starting to hurt, and I felt hungrier then I felt in a long time. I was strangely worried about Raewan.  She seemed to be in worse shape than me,  which to me seemed sort of understandable since I was always exercising and stuff with my cheerleading and she just had to march. Granted that was exercise to, but not as much as I normally do. I looked down at her and poked her arm lightly. "You still awake?" I asked, afraid that she might have slipped into a coma and I would be stuck alone with a half dead person.



"Jasmine said that they were in a cave somewhere. I think we should go up stream because they would have been trying to get back to near the camp site and be going up stream to find a log or something to cross." Andrew told Cam, pointing up the stream.

Mr. Anderson went back to the camp to get help trying to get the kids back.


The End

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