The race against time

     It was starting to get dark again. I watch the sun set from the cave as I tried hard to hold on to the sanity that I had left. I felt as though I was starting to go crazy and I kept seeing things move, but no one was around. I was starting to think that no one was coming. I was going to be trapped here and be doomed to watch Rowan suffer first, not that she hasn't already suffered.

     To try to calm myself down and make myself feel less alone. I started to sing quietly. Careful not to disturb Rowan.



     After the tree was across the water, Andrew started to cross it.

"It's getting too dark lets go back to camp and try tomorrow." Mr. Anderson said.

"If you are so scared don't go, but I am going to save Jasmine and her friend now." Andrew said, still slowly inching across the tree.

When he finally made it to the other side he turned back around.

"Anyone else coming?" He called back.

The End

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