What do I do?

     "You passed out. Lay back down, please. I don't want you to fall again. Please. You can use my legs." I said, worried. I had no clue what to do to stop the bleeding if she fell again and it got worse. I knew that she didn't look any better than she did before and because I knew that I knew she should lay down.

I started to wonder how long we have been in the cave and exactly how long we will remain here. I had somethings, but that wouldn't last long. The bandages that I have in the bag are for little cuts and not head wounds. Would she lose a lot of blood or would it close eventually? Would she be okay? When are we going to get rescued? Are we actually going to get rescued? All these questions popped into my head. 


"This way." Andrew said, running towards the tree and the teacher.

More children. Yup my job is history. Mr. Anderson was thinking. "We need to work together to push the tree across the lake while simultaneously holding it up so it doesn't fall in. Do you think you guys can do that?" Mr. Anderson asked.

"I think so." Andrew said.

"Andrew you can stand here and hold the tree up. You.." He said, pointing at Anthony. "...can stand on the other side and help Andrew hold the tree up, and you can help me push." He said, pointing at Cam.  "Okay?"

Andrew nodded.

The End

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