Don't freak out

     "Okay." I tell her, but just as I get the words out I saw her eyes roll behind her head. What the heck? I think to myself, just as she hit the floor. "Crap." I scream and pick her up off the floor and put her onto my lap. I started to check her head to see if she was bleeding. She had hit her head really hard and the last thing I needed was for her head to be cracked. Luckily for me and her it wasn't, but she might have gotten a concussion and was possibly in a coma. I didn't want either of those to happen. "This crap is all my fault. I couldn't have just walked away." I muttered to myself. She was bleeding, but not too much that I could tell.



Andrew started walking back and noticed Anthony.

"Hey, I think I found a way over, but we have to move a tree. Want to help?" Andrew asked, worriedly.He wasn't too far from the tree and the teacher was still standing there. Andrew knew that this was all his fault and that as soon as they got back to the school he would most likely lose his job, but he didn't care about that right now. All he cared about at the moment was finding them and going home.

The End

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