Nothing to Worry About

I forced a smiled when she asked the question. "Yeah. I'm fine." I lied, not really wanting her to worry, if things were getting worse; well for me anyways, I didn't want her to do anything about it. I just had a feeling that things were going to get better.

After a few seconds I started to get really lightheaded, like as lightheaded as I was when my band played that three page song. Somehow, this felt worse; no clue how, it just did. 

I tried to keep myself awake, but that didn't work out; I fell and blacked out, hitting the cave floor hard as I did. 

Somewhere in the forest...

Cam looked around for something that can get him across. He paced, looking. "How deep do you think that this river is?" he asked Anthony, who gave him an: "Are you crazy?" look.

"I don't know, a few thousand feet?! You're not thinking about swimming across that thing now are you?!" he asked, practically demanding. 

He shot him a look back. "No. I'm thinking. Maybe we can get a log and just paddle across." 

"WE?! Dude, just wait for everyone else and we'll find her." 

"Rowan has always had a weak immune system, she could be dying right now!" 

The End

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