She doesn't look to good

     I looked at Rowan, watching her closely. She didn't look to good. I mean though I was wet, covered in dirt and mud, and miserable. She looked a lot worse. She was pale and seemed to be getting paler along with looking like she was turning green.....or was it blue. I couldn't tell. I knew she wasn't suppose to be that color, though. That I was sure of. Strangely, I was starting to get worried. I scooted a little closer to her.

"Hey. Are you okay? You don't look to good." I tell her. I hope that Andrew or someone finds us soon.



     Andrew was looking across the river. She had to have went down the stream, but I haven't seen her on this side. She has to be on the other side hiding in a cave with that other girl. I wonder how they fell in, but that isn't something to be worrying about at the moment and time. He thought, than looked around. He noticed a tree that had fallen. It would take him and a few other men to move it and make it where it was a make shift bridge for them to go across. He looked up at the teacher.

"We need to make a bridge." Andrew said.

"I am aware of this Andrew." Mr. Anderson said.

"We can use this tree." Andrew said.

"We will never be able to lift it."

"The hell we wouldn't. Jasmine is still over there. Her and her friend are probably going to start getting pneumonia if they don't already have it. Plus not eating or drinking anything. They might start going crazy." Andrew said.

"They have only been lost on night. They will be okay." Mr. Anderson said. "What we need is to find help to move this tree. In order to find help we need to go back."

"You go back. I am staying right here." Andrew said.


The End

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