For crying out loud..

     I thought waking her up to show her that I found the survival pack that Sam made for me would make her feel happy, but she sounded mad. Oh, well. I think, than shake my head.

"I had it before we fell into the water, but it must of came off after. I just remembered it a little while ago and went to find it. Here, have some water." She said, handing her a bottle of water. In the bag was a bottle of water, two candy bars, two granola bars, and a walkie talkie. She had no clue where the other walkie talkie was, but she hoped that Sam brought them both. She picked up the walkie talkie and went to turn it on. It turned on and she started speaking into it. "Hello? Hello? Is someone there? Sam?" I said.

Back at the camp....

Sam jumped up and looked around. She found the walkie talkie and hide it under her pillow.

Andrew came into her tent. He was about to leave before he heard Jasmines voice. "I heard Jasmine." He said.

"Your losing it." Samantha said.

"Right." Andrew said and stood there. Soon the sound came again and Andrew pushed her out of the way. "It is so not funny to hide this. She could die." Andrew said.

"Apparently she isn't dead yet." Samantha said.

"I thought you were her best friend."

"You thought wrong."

Andrew just shook his head and walked out of the tent and towards the pond.  "Yes, I hear you Jasmine. We are looking for you. Don't worry I am on my way. Where are you?" He asked.

"In a cave." Jasmine said.

"Okay, I will looked for you. Don't worry you and your friend will be okay." Andrew said, than clasped the walkie talkie to his belt and started to look for a way to cross with the teacher right at his heels.

The End

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