Time to think

     "Yeah, that is a good idea." I told Rowan. I was trying to think about everything that Samantha told me. She was my best friend, so I thought. She only wanted the best for me. I remember her saying something about shelter, which we have. It may not be great, but at least it is better than sleeping on the ground. Samantha also said something about food, which we have none of. I remembered something just, then.

"Remember the survival pack I packed for you. Just in case." Samantha told me.

I brushed her off than put I did take the pack. It was a small back pack, but where did it go? I remember having it on when I fell into the water. I was to distracted to know if I had it on when I jumped back in. I realized that I had to at least go look for it. I waited until Rowan was sleeping and went off in search of the back pack. I searched for the back pack for a half hour before I found it crammed between two rocks. I pulled it out and walked back o the camp; waking Rowan up and looking through the bag.


"I am going with you too." Andrew said.

"Andrew, no it is too dangerous." Samantha said.

"Jasmine, is out there. She has no clue how to survive out there." Andrew said.

"But she isn't alone." Samantha said.

"What is wrong with you? Jasmine is suppose to be your best friend."Andrew said, than looked at Mr. Anderson. "I am going and you can't tell me no. Either way I am going. With or without you. If you tell me no I will wait until you leave and go on my own."He told them.

Mr. Anderson  crossed his arms."Fine, but you are staying with me. If I tell you to do something you do it and you do it without complaining. Got it?" He asked.

"Yes, sir." Andrew said, getting his backpack packed just in case.

The End

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