I need some sleep

I nodded. My mind, body, and spirit were not here. Then I heard the words: "The storm's almost over." My head perked up and I looked around. It was ending. "After the storm's over, we should try calling someone with my phone." I suggested, shutting my eyes. I slowly began to doze off, but the minute that a loud crash of thunder roared, I squeaked and sighed.

At camp...

"I'm coming with you." Cam volunteered. One of the teacher's shook his head. 

"No student is going." Someone announced. 

His temper fumed. "I'm going to help you look!" he shouted. "I'll go look by myself if I have to!" he began stomping off, Anthony following. 

"Dude, calm down."

"How the hell can I calm down?! Rowan's out there, scared, or maybe even dead!" 

"She's not. Rowan has a strong spirit." 

The End

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