"At least it work. We should shut it off to save the battery." I tell her, sitting down in the cave and sighing. I started watching the storm outside and started wondering what we were going to do now. I am never going to get home. Never going to see my mom or my fiends again. Probably never going to see Andrew again. All these bad thoughts started going through my mind. I was still hungry, dirty, and tired. That didn't change, but what did was I was starting to not care. I didn't care if I was barely alive when I got back to the camp, as long as I got back once more to see Andrew. As long as I got to see my mom once more, than I would be happy. I didn't want to die here and so far that was how it was looking.

     "Why did you join band?" I asked, trying to get my mind off of the storm as well as the situation at hand.


All the while......

"What happened? Are they okay? Are they together?" Andrew asked, worried.

The End

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