So close!! Curse you storm!!

"At least I got the phone!" I spat following her into the cave. "Let me see." I added, trying to see if it did. It buzzed as Cam called me. I rejoiced. "Hello?"

"Rowan? Thank God you're okay!" Cam exclaimed on the other line. "Where are you guys?"

"In a cave. Are you guys coming?" I asked, just then, the line cut off. Looks like the storm killed my signal off. I cursed loudly. "The storm killed my signal!"

At the camp...

Cam cursed. "Rowan? Rowan? Rowan?" he threw his phone at the other side of the tent. "So close!" he said, gritting his teeth.

He sighed and shut his phone off. He's going to have to save his phone's battery.  

The End

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