She is insane, save me!

     I watched as Rowan threw herself into the water. She has to be out of her flipping mind. Throwing herself in the water when it is storming. I thought than saw her coming back up. I tried to help her as best as I could. "Come on, lets get back to the cave." I say, dragging her back and into the cave, than sighed.

"Are you insane? Are you trying to hurt yourself?" I screamed, mad ad wiped the rain off of my face with my sleeve, though since my sleeve was wet too it did nothing. "Try you phone. Does it work?" I asked.

Back at the camp...

"Please sit down, Andrew. You are making me dizzy." Samantha said.

"You are bothering me as well. Fine." Andrew said, than left and went to Cal's tent. "Do you know if your friend has a phone?" He asked, worried still.

The End

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