I saw that she needed help so I ran over to her and helped her out. "Let's hope that my phone isn't waterlogged..." I muttered. Then I thought of something. "Hold on to my ankles." It might work, then again; might not. I waited for her to do something. While I waited for some type of response, the phone was floating away.

I groaned and got my feet around a sturdy piece of a big root and ducked my head under. The root gave out and I slipped. My arms were still above water, flailing again. My hands gripped around my phone. After a few minutes of trying to keep my phone above water, my feet finally found the bottom of the river and I kicked myself up. 

Then I paddled the rest of the way to the shore. Once I hit shore I coughed and tried to answer my phone. 

Back at camp.... 

Cam's heart seemed like it was about to pop out of his chest. She wasn't answering her phone. What if she's somewhere under the water? Or if she's frozen? He peered his head out of his tent and shook his head. Then he saw one of the teachers.

"When are you guys going to look for the two missing girls?" he demanded. 

"After the storm." the teacher replied. 

"You're kidding me right? The storm might whatever damages you guys have left of finding them. " Cam said, as one of his friends walked up to him and tried to drag him away.

"Cam, come on. After the storm we'll go look for them." Anthony said. He was on the football team. Great. 

"We are well aware of that. But we can't afford anymore children wandering off or getting lost as well." 

A block of ice replaced his heart. Rowan is his best friend, and he always got worried when she got hurt or sick. But lost? Or possibly dead? That was something he couldn't handle. He shrugged Anthony off and stumbled back into his tent, trying to call her again. 

The End

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