Rescue the phone

     I looked around again. "No. If I did I wouldn't be asking you now would I?" I asked. I continued to look around until finally I saw a cave. It was still raining hard and storming. I sighed and started for it until I heard the phone ring and turned. I, than heard her say that it was her phone. "Let's get it." I said, running a little bit farther downstream until I was in front of the phone. "Help me reach the branch. Hurry!" I tell her reaching up. Hoping that she gets to me before the phone did. I could try to reach the phone the same way I reached her, but I couldn't reach the branch. Getting higher meant more danger, but it would be worth it all if she got the phone and the phone actually worked.

     Getting the phone and then getting back to the cave was the only things on her mind at the moment. Hopefully the phone would work after she got it out of the water. Hopefully she could contact someone and they would be saved, but she didn't know. Everything else seemed to be going wrong. I need to get that phone. I thought.


Back at the campground.....

     Andrew was pacing back and forth in Samantha's tent. Mr. Anderson told him several times to return to his tent, but he refused. He wasn't going to go back to his tent when he wasn't going to sleep anyways and just keep his tent mate up. He than thought of something. He pulled out his phone and started dialing Jasmines number, but Samantha stopped his before he pressed talk.

"Mr. Anderson took her phone from her because she wouldn't stop using it."Samantha told him.

"What is he an idiot? Now we will never be able to contact her." Andrew said.

"We will find her. I am sure we will." Samantha said.

Andrew simply nodded. He didn't know what to think and Samantha didn't seem to care all that much either way. He knew that she was probably mad because he turned her down when she asked. He couldn't help the fact that he and Jasmine liked each other. They have known each other too long to not like each other. He continued to pace around the tent as he continued to hear the storm.

The End

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