I Need Technology!!

Rain started to pour heavily, so I slouched and just shuffled. Then a loud roar of thunder/lightning rang in my ears... So I screamed at the top of my lungs and covered my ears. 

"No!" I shouted, shrieking when more thunder roared. I didn't want to be in this storm, let alone with her. "Do you?!" Something finally occurred to my tiny little brain. My phone. Once this storm blows off I can call for help. I patted my pockets. Nothing. I saw a little shiny thing floating in the water.

"My phone...." It started playing my favorite song, my ringtone... 


Cam sighed, this wait seemed to be endless, and the storm didn;t help him think. Sometime's he thought that the teachers were glad to be rid of two students. Sighing he zipped his tent shut. He glanced at his fully charged phone. "Rowan never leaves her phone...." he tried to call her, nothing. 

The End

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