what else could go wrong?

     "I am pretty sure that we came from this direction. Just keep following me. I want to go home and I will find a way to get there. I am definitely not going to be stuck in the woods with you." I said, obviously getting a little crankier than usual from the lack of sleep and food. I continued to walk until I felt a rain drop. Oh great. Just what I need. Rain. I thought, upset, but kept walking. I was going to get home even in the rain. Little did I know this was not just rain.

     Soon the was a loud roar of thunder and a bright flash of lightning not two feet from us. I screamed and looked around for a cave or something to hide in. I couldn't see anything and it started to pour so hard that you could barely see anything in the forest. "Do you see a cave or something to hide in?" I asked Rowan, screaming over the roar of the thunder.



     "They weren't at the river. I found their water buckets though. They might have fallen in, but we can't do anything until the storm passes." Mr. Anderson said to a nearby teacher.

The nearby teacher nodded.

"What are you talking about? Jasmine is still out there! It is storming and we have no clue if she has shelter or if she is even okay." Andrew screamed.

"What if she is hurt? She barely knows how to survive out here." Samantha kicked in.

"Quiet you two and go to your tents. The storm will pass some enough and we will search for them, but until then you are to stay in your tents." Mr. Anderson said.

The End

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