The Journey begins....great

     I sat up and sighed. "We better get going." I sighed, standing though it was a little hard. "Do you have any idea how to survive out here?" I added to Rowan as I started to walk.

    There was branches and everything on the ground and it was hard for me to navigate there the thick forest even though I was wearing sneakers I was still a little clumsy. Funny that a cheerleader can be so clumsy out side of cheering, but not clumsy when cheering. I know that that didn't make any sense, but it was true.

I wanted to go home and get into my nice warm bed and never move again.

Back at the camp....

"No, who the heck is Rowan?" Andrew asked, than looked back at the teacher.

"Let's go look, but I am sure they are fine." He told them all and started walking towards the lake.

"Isabella isn't fit to be in the wild." Andrew said.

"She barely knows where we are." Samantha said.

"Everyone calm down. We will find them." The teacher said, still walking.

The End

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