I shut my eyes and started to doze off. But before I did, I couldn't help but wonder: "Is Cam worried about me?" then another thought occurred to me: "He just thinks of me as a friend. He'd never do anything that might help..." then I finally dozed off. 

A few hours, my eyes flew open. The sun blinded me as I sat up slowly, groaning. I looked around. Not a dream... I thought numbly, even though in the back of my head last night it told me that it wasn't one.

Back at camp.... 

Cam paced, he was really worried. He knew that Rowan was never the survivor type, she'd rather sit there and wait for someone to pick her up and take her home. Like when they were kids. He smiled at the memory, then shook his head. 

He saw Andrew, one of that one cheerleader's friends. "Hey, have you seen Rowan?" he asked, hoping that worry wasn't etched into his face. 

The End

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