My enemy; the sun......

     "Yes, I am alright." I said, though it was mostly a lie. Physically I was fine, but very cold. Mentally my head was screaming for me to run and leave her there, but it was too dark and I would end up lost and alone as well as all the other stuff. That is the reason I have stayed. "You sound terrible. You should sleep." I said, fighting the urge to add unnecessary insults. That would just be putting additional dirt on an already infected wound.I laid down on the dirt and tried my hardest to sleep, but in the end I couldn't. I just kept thinking.

     I had closed my eyes, so that I could imagine that I was at home in my nice warm bed under my nice covers. That all this was just a big nightmare that I can't seem to wake up from. Soon the sun came up and dragged me back to reality.


Meanwhile back at the camping ground..........

Sam and Andrew went to their teacher, worried.

"Mr. Anderson, Jasmine isn't back yet. That was a couple hours ago." Samantha said.

"I went to check at the lake, but no one was there only the buckets." Andrew said.

"Go back to your tents. I will go look for her." The teacher said.


The End

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