Now what?

     After I freed her and helped her to shore, well somewhat I stood on the side lines of the area I had found coughing myself as well as her. I watched as she tried to get up and fell onto her butt like a typical band geek would.

"I wouldn't try standing yet. If you fall in again, I am not going to save you this time." I spat though I knew it was my fault I had to blame someone and frankly she was the only on here.

I than sighed and stood looking around. I had no clue where we were, but I knew we were on the wrong side of the river, everyone else was on the other side, probably miles up. I was wet, cold, filthy, tired, and cranky. I couldn't believe my nightmare of a trip could get any worse, but of course it did. I didn't know how we were going to get back or even if we were going to get back. I might be stuck out her with her forever. That was a scary thought. I shook that out of my head and started try to find a path.

The End

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