I felt that my ankle was let free, but since that I had swallowed too much water and was now unconscious. How ironic. A large burst of water pushed me upstream. I had no clue what happened to the cheerleader.... Then again, I was asleep. 

My body was thrown onto a hard rock. Ouch. I groaned and slowly opened my eyes. Black dots danced in my eyes. Seriously? Bad enough that I can't breath well enough because of the water, and now I'm part blind? 

I crawled out of the water and started coughing. I could've sworn that I swallowed about a gallon of water, sand, and I think either leaves or fish. Disgusting, I know. After a few minutes of coughing the stuff left in my system; I slowly rose to my feet.

To my legs, everything was harder than normal and my legs, gone. I just collapsed. 

The End

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