I looked around and tried to see if I spotted her. I heard water splashing, but figured that was a normal thing to hear. Especially when I am dangling from a tree above a furious river. I looked around and found that the splashing was coming from the band girl. Damn it. I thought, as I watched her go under again, and threw myself back into the water.

     I swam under the water to try and see what was up with her and noticed a vine or something like it wrapped around her ankle. I grabbed onto the vine trying to snap it. We are both going to die in this nasty water. I kept thinking though it definitely wasn't helping.

     I continued to pull at the vine and suddenly it gave way and snapped sending me upward from the force of the object I was using to keep me under was no longer in tact, than I went back under and helped her to get above the water.

The End

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