Where am I?

     I couldn't help but lung and knock her to the ground. "I am smarter than you. At least I don't space out in math class like an idiot." I screamed. As realization that I had just attacked her set in I started to stand tripping and grabbing the nearest thing to me; which was Rowin. That didn't help me much because soon I was in the water trying to fight the current to get back to shore. I was glad that I had taking all those swimming lessons now, though I wasn't the best swimmer and it showed. My feeble attempt to fight the current failed and luckily I saw a lowered branch.

     I grabbed the branch, pulled myself up, coughing and started looking around for Rowin. I wondered if she feel into the water too or if that was just me. I really didn't care if either way but if I had pulled her in with me, I didn't want to go down for murder when it clearly was an accident. I would rather take my chances with helping her out of the water.

The End

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