Natural Selections

I glared. I was tempted to go ahead and pour water on her head and leave the bucket there, say that it slipped and fell in the river. But then I realized, I'm way better than her. "At least I have a brain..." I muttered. "All you have is good looks." I added, which will probably turn on you sometime in the near future. That part I added to myself. 

I dipped the bucket in the water. I played with the water for a little bit before I lifted the heavy bucket and sighed. I started to haul the water away. Then I couldn't help myself. Just slightly turning around, I dumped some water on her face. 

Starting to walk away, I inclined my head just so she could see my eye. "I pity anyone who wants to be you." I snapped, walking away. If only this bucket wasn't so heavy, I wouldn't be walking about one mile an hour. Maybe one point five. 


The End

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