Natures plan

    When Rowin stuck out her tongue at me, I shook my head What is she four? I stand my bucket full of water and start walking back, but then think about it. Who better to take my aggression out on.  I turn back around and pour the water onto her.

"Oops, sorry band geek." I say laughing and walk back to get some more water. Everything seemed to be going from bad to worse as I walk back and wonder if she is going to attack me or just stand there. I know she wishes she could be me. Come on, who doesn't. I have a great body, am the leader of the cheerleaders, am really good in school, and though I wish I didn't have to go. I could easily have a boyfriend if I wanted one, but I don't have time.

I crouch back down and started to fill my bucket again. What can else could possibly go wrong? I am stuck here with the rest of my class and apparently the band geeks class too until monday. Mind as well, make it as fun as possible.

The End

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