The bus woke me with a jolt, same with Cam apparently. He let out a huff then woke up, saying, "3.14 is pi." as if he was in class. I chuckled and lightly pushed him out of the seat. He fell with a loud thud. 

"What was that for?!" Cam snapped, getting his things.

"I didn't push you that hard..." I muttered, walking outside, I waited for him; since he was my partner. It took a lot of convincing to beg the teachers, but they let us, seeing as how nothing was going on between us. They even asked my best friend, Krestel. And yes, that is an actual name. 

After a few minutes of very long talking on how to survive in the wild, and what to eat, what not to touch; one of my teachers slammed a bucket into my hands. I almost stumbled back. "Since Cam is setting the tent up, you got get some water." 

I sighed and trudged towards the rapid river. One of the cheerleaders in my class was there, great. I stuck my tongue out to her when she made a comment. 

The End

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