Just getting water.....so I thought

     Soon the bus stopped and I was woken up by Andrew. He got up and walked out with his partner. The teacher telling him to go and leave the 'girls' alone, and Andrew saying 'yes, sir' made me wonder what he was doing or saying to the other girls.

     I sigh and get off the bus with Sam a little bit behind me. I waited for her and looked around. Nothing but trees, dirt, and water. Great, I am going to get dirty here for sure. I shake my head and walk to Sam, who was putting up a tent.

"That thing doesn't even look safe." I mutter to her as she struggles to put it up.

"Well, if you would help me it would look a lot better." Sam said.

"What happened to you dealing with everything?"

"I am trying, but somethings need two people. Just hold this up and I will do the rest." Sam said, holding out a piece of the tent. It looked really dirty and unsanitary.

"I am not touching that. That is dirty and most likely full of germs."

Sam sighed and looked at me, shaking her head and attempting to do it on her own as I watched. Soon the evil science teacher, Mr. Martinez, who forced me here was behind me.

"Why aren't you helping your partner?" He asked.

"She won't let me help. Said I would mess it up." I lied.

"Samantha?" He asked, questioningly.

"I did not. I asked for help, but she said it was dirty." Sam said.

"Thanks." I said, rolling my eyes.

"If you won't help your partner, than you go get water and I will help your partner."

"But...." I started.

"Go." He said, handing me a bucket.

I sigh, snatch the bucket, and leave to go get the water. Stupid teacher thinks he is the boss of me. I can't wait until this is over. I bend down and start to get water as I hear someone behind me. I turn to see Rowin.

"Uh...what do you want?" I asked, not really caring about her answer. It was kind of obvious since she had a water bucket too. I turned back to the water and tried to ignore her, though I knew it would be hard to do.


The End

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