The day of the field trip

     After school, I went home and tried to convince my mom to let me stay home, but she wouldn't listen. I didn't want to go and the thought of going really made me mad. I packed my stuff for the trip the next morning and laid down. Maybe I can make myself sick, somehow, but how? I think, than sigh and close my eyes. I purposely didn't set the alarm, hoping my mom wouldn't wake up either. I slowly fall asleep.

     The next morning, I heard my mom calling me. Why couldn't have she over slept or something. I think, as I pretend to sleep. My mom walks into my room and drags me off of the bed. I look up and glare at her.

     "Time to get up." She said, than walked out.

     I sighed and got up, taking a shower and getting dressed in a pair of blue jean shorts and a white t-shirt. I put on my black nikes and walked downstairs with my bag. I eat breakfast and left to school, meeting up with Sam.

     "Ready?" She asked, excited.

     I glared at her. "How are we even friends?" I asked.

     She shrugged and said. "Sorry, I like camping."

     "Good, at least I know I won't fail." I said with a sigh and waited to be assigned to a bus. When she was assigned to a bus and sat down, slumping down n her chair. Andrew laughing at her.

     "Come on, Jazz. It isn't that bad." Andrew said.

     "I hate camping. The bugs, the dirt, the woods. Never know what will happen." I say.

     Andrew laughed a little. "I will protect you." He said.

     "Thanks that is comforting." I said, sarcastically.

     He laughed and kissed me on my cheek and I blushed a little.

     Andrew and I have known each other since we were kids. Always lived next door to each other and gone to the same school. Luckily he was here or I wouldn't make it. He sat next to me as I put my head on his shoulder, not caring what the teacher would say. The bus started to move as I closed my eyes. When I would wake up, I knew that we would be in the woods and my true nightmare would begin.

The End

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