Anyone Have a Can of Courage?

The bell rang and I sighed. "C-Cam..." I called after him in the hallway. 

"What's up?" He asked, his eyes stabbed into mine. I caught up slowly and swallowed, trying to get the courage to ask him. 

"D-Do you think since we need p-partners on the field trip... W-Would you want to be partners?" I stammered, my body froze and I didn't look at him directly. 

"Sure." Cameron said. "See you tomorrow Rowan." he said, waving as the bell rang. 

I ran to my locker, got my history things and ran to my history class before the second bell rang. I took my seat just as the bell rang and the teacher took began to take attendance. Band's next. Thank God. 

My friend turned to me and asked, "Rowan, did you hear about the field trip." 

"Of course." I replied proudly. 

"Who's your partner? Let me guess... Name starts with a C?" 

"Asked him just now." I felt giddy, then I took my notebook out and started to scribble notes on it. 

The End

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