The unwanted announcement

     I walked to my next class, which was science. The teacher told us about the field trip to the forest, where we would be camping for a couple days. Explained how during this time he wants us to observe all the different things that you have to do camping that you don't while you are in a house. As always I am opinionated and have to be funny.

     "I already know the difference. Does that mean I don't have to go?" I asked.

     "No, Jasmine. You still have to go."

     "I don't sleep outside."

    "Than I will have to give you an F for this assignment."

     I sigh as I am inevitably defeated.

     This puts me into a bad mood. I don't like the idea of sleeping  outside where there are bugs, and dirt. I like taking a shower every morning and brushing my hair in the mirror afterwards. In my eyes, I would rather write a ten paged paper than go on this stupid field trip, but of course I can't do that.  I am paired with Samantha, which I can't complain we have been friends for a long time, but why must I sleep on the ground.

     I was barely able to pay attention to the teacher the rest of class. At lunch Sam asked me if she could come over later, so we can talk about the trip. "Great she thinks that I want to talk about this? No, I don't want to go." I think. 

     "Sure, just what I want to do Sam. I don't even want to go." I tell her.

    "I know. I promise to do my best to make it less hard for you. I can bring my hammock." She offered.

     "Because sleeping in a tree is better than sleeping on the ground."

    "It is, but okay sorry." She said, than left.

     I sigh. I know that that was wrong, but this whole trip is making me mad. This day can't get any worse. I think, than walk to my English class.




The End

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