I shuffled my way to my next class; English. Why couldn't it be band already? My band teacher told us that we were getting a new song to play in the spring concert. Yay. A voice came from behind me that brightened my day. 

"Hey Rowan." he greeted. "How was math?" he added. 

I sighed, I completely forgot the fact that he of all people knew my schedule. "Hey Cam." He shoe me a look, good thing that I was the only one allowed to call him that. Everyone else was forced to call him Cameron unless they wanted to get hurt. "Math was... interesting." I added before he could object about what I had just called him. 

"How interesting?" he asked, trying to annoy me to death as always. I've know Cameron since we were kids, and like always, girls would be drooling over him. Meh. Just because he has really nice black hair that seemed to cascade over his mesmerizing green eyes didn't mean anything to me. Nope.  

"I zoned out, as usual." I replied. 

"Tch, tch. Rowan." he shook his head dramatically. Did I also forget to say that he's captain of the soccer, basketball, and baseball teams? And he also gets most of the lead roles in the school plays? 

"I'm sorry, but math is just so... boring!" I shut my mouth as quickly as possible because the teacher wanted to say something. Nothing came out of her mouth. Weird, normally she'd have something to say usually to one of the girls in the back; who was always giggling about Cam. The teacher opened her mouth again. 

"There is going to be a huge field trip going to the deep parts of the forest, and all of you will have to visualize a story happening there. It can be about anything. But it has to be appropriate. Add pictures if you'd like, but it has to be a story. I couldn't care less if it was about two gummy bears getting eaten. It just has to be a story." I get it! It has to be a story that's school appropriate. "Any questions, come see me after class." she added cheerfully as she herded us back to our work. 

Great. Just what I need to get Cam as a partner. Yes... 

The End

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