Same old, Same old

      I was also in math class at this time. I couldn't help, but laugh at Rowan when she gets caught zoning out. To me it is just prove that she isn't as smart as she seems. I can't stand her, the band geek that is always so worried about her grades and, yet she zones out.

      The teacher turns his attention to me.

"Jasmine, Is something funny?" He asked.

"No, sir." I tell him smiling.

"Pay attention." He says than goes back to the lecture.

     I can't stand math, well, I can't stand any class really. I would rather be cheerleading, after all that is what I am good at. I only come to class because I need to maintain good grades to stay on the squad. The test that is coming up is major, but I am not worried about it too much. Though, I severely hate math; I am good at it. I continue to right down the notes and get called on. I answer the question easily, yawning for an effect as the teacher crosses his arms. I can easily have the whole class laughing. Though he will probably call my parents again. I don't care. What are they really going to do? Ground me. Oh....that scary. I hear the bell ring, and stand starting to leave the class with my usual friends behind me.


The End

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