Trying to Survive; With Them

This story is meant for me and two other friends. You'll find out who they are.

I sighed, writing down the notes for this next huge test. It was going to count as half my grade, so I need to ace it. Or at least; B-ce it. It was math, the worst subject ever. Why couldn't math be an optional subject, like how you pick if you want to go to band or drama or art. But NO! Math just has to be one of the subject that is and I repeat what my teacher told me: "Is needed in everyday life." 

All we do is read and write, and we do math when we do ages, count the days and pay our bills.  That's not so hard, I mean , we do have calculators right? Then again, I'm lazy when it comes to this stuff. 

The teacher called on me, even though my hand wasn't raised. I was in my own little world. "Huh?" was my response.  "I-I'm sorry, just trying to get the problem." I lied casually, trying to make enough work on my paper so it looks like I was trying.  

Life seemed so much harder knowing that everyday was like this. Homework was due right now. Good thing that I actually got yesterday's lesson. I scribbled my name, Rowan Morgan.  I'm hoping that I get a good grade on this assignment this time. 

The End

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