Try your hand at Crime WritingMature

If you love detective stories or thrillers that involve a crime to be solved then play this. Choose an object and setting of your choice and then write a scene in which the object is stolen, or someone is killed or whatever. For example, someone lashing out in self defence with an object. Interesting and/or unusual objects like a torch or a tea tray or whatever would be great. Also it's more of a challenge.


I hated going home alone in the dark after work, but in the autumn and winter I have no choice. As a woman I felt particularly vurnerable and often envied men for lacking this kind of vurnerability. I have always led a sheltered life, never opening up to the wider world more than was absolutely necessary to function in the world. I usually made the occasional friend at work and would stay in touch with old friends through social networking websites. Most people called me self absorbed as I was generally wrapped up in my own world and lacked self awareness. At work, I would concentrate on whatever job I was doing but sometimes be unaware of what was happening around me. Today was just one of those days.

I walked to the bus stop as usual, not really noticing the people around me. There was a Number 29 due in 12 minutes which stopped very close to where I live. I opened my handbag and got out my purse to get ready the usual bus money when I was startled by a noise behind me. I looked round. A drunken man in his late twenties was leaning against the low bus bench, leering at me. I was surprised but ignored him. Having got out the money, I made to put my purse back when the drunk for some bizzare reason started to get aggressive. I put the purse back anyway but got scared. I didn't have a problem watching things like this on television but I didn't want to get caught up in it myself.

I backed away as he started coming towards me. I looked around but there was no-one else about. I had been referred to as "paranoid" by the occasional friend or neighbour and it got blamed on my liking for Dramas and crime fiction but I didn't think of myself as paranoid. I picked up a brick that was lying down near me and continued to back away. I didn't care that the man was drunk, I just didn't want to be attacked. Suddenly panicking, I hit him with it. He fell to the ground and I stood in utter shock with the brick in my hand. Normally I wouldn't have behaved like this but at this point all I cared about was my own safety and I panicked, even though the drunken man hadn't actually tried to attack me - i just feared that he would.

The End

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