Peekaboo sat in her corner of the library, reading her book. She'd gotten through half her stack before lunch. Nobody came into her corner. Nobody. But somebody did.

Peekaboo saw the shadow and glanced up.

"Go away, please." She asked nicely. The person looked confused.

"I'm sorry, I thought you worked here. You're always here, and always have a stack of books..."

"Well sorry, but I don't." Peekaboo snapped, then went back to her reading.

The other person wasn't phased. "Well, either way, I'm Terri." The boy said, holding out his pale hand for a handshake. Peekaboo sighed and took the boy's hand. With surprising strength, since the boy looked small and weak, he pulled her to her feet with no problems.

"Please come with me." He asked her.

Peekaboo rolled her eyes behind her glasses. "Where?" She replied.

"Outside" He whispered.

Peekaboo gasped. She'd never left the library. Ever. She shook her head slightly, but he dragged her towards the door.

The End

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