Try to be niceMature

The title is meant ironically.

OK, this might seem a bit weird but go with it. This is a writing exercise and basically you have to make up a character. Every post you talk about other characters and relay your actions towards them. Basically your character is telling their story, their side of events. All these characters will help shape the events so it should be interesting.

You can have any character you want, any sex, any age, ethnicity, sexuality, any background... basically any character. They can be from space if you really want. Just a few rules, though:

1) They need to speak at least one language, preferably English but accents and dialects are allowed.

2) They can swear but don't slip in a curse every four words or it won't flow very well.

3) One character each. If you want to abandon one, write that into your post - they died sticking a knife in a toaster or something. If you want to donate it to someone else, fine.

Right, so, here we go. Obviously the first person to post might talk about a few other characters in that post which anyone else can choose to pick up as their own, or not.

I hope this works.

The End

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