Saoirse: New JobMature

I sat in the cafe staring out into space and watching the world go by, I liked doing this it allowed me to zone out from the disaster that was my life and almost float in a place where problems never bugged you and you were just free – the cup of tea on the table in front of me sat forgotten.

I was straining my memory, trying to recall the previous night’s events when a loud crash and the sound of breaking china brought me back to my senses. Kyle it appeared has slipped on the freshly mopped floor and had dropped a tray which had carried two cups of coffee and a plate with a scone on. The crash reverberated around the whole shops and the customers stopped talking to sit and stare at Kyle who had gone bright red. He hurriedly started to collect the broken pieces off the floor while Keri went and grabbed the mop from the kitchen to clean up to spilt coffee, her face contorted into utter frustration and sighing.

I dropped to knees and started to help Kyle tidy up, he smiled weakly at me and muttered a small “thanks” before standing up and heading back into the kitchen with the broken bits of mug in his hands.

Keri slammed a bucket of hot soapy water down on the floor and sighed; I got to my feet and wrapped my hand around the mop. “Let me help, I have nothing better to do and you look like you need a hand.” Keri opened her mouth to argue but I widened my eyes in a you-cant say-no-to-me look and she let go of the mop.

I wiped the remainder of the coffee from the floor and walked out the back to empty the dirty water down the drain. Keri was stood out the back having a quick cigarette and I gave her a warm smile which she returned.

“Look I was thinking” I began slowly, “oh god that’s dangerous” Keri joked and we both laughed.

“What if I come and work here, I mean your short staffed now that Nathan left and I really don’t mind, the job I have now is so monotonous and threatens to send me to sleep” I said.

Keri looked as though she was toying with the idea, weighing up the pros and cons of her younger sister working with her. “I’m not sure, it much better pay where you are now and if you quit how will you be able to afford rent in your flat?” she questioned.

“I’ll just move into with you or you can move into my flat?” I replied smiling – I had really thought it through.

“I suppose that would work” Keri said slowly, not sounding too convinced, “That way we can keep Kyle in line” I chipped in with a grin and Keri rolled her eyes.

“I’ll think about it” Keri said before taking a drag of her cigarette and I smiled.

Just then my phone rang; I pulled it out quickly and peered down at the screen to see an unknown number.

 I pressed the phone to my ear, “Hello...?”

The End

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