Saoirse: Cute DrunkMature

The night was over too quickly for my liking, although I suppose it was the right time to go home. Keri and Kyle had to literally drag me out of the club after they had found me slouching in a corner, slurring my sentences, telling a guy who looked terrified about how I had adored my ex boyfriend whist trying not to hiccup. Not one a great way to end a night.

I had to strain my memory to remember how I had managed to get home the previous night, and it had been a huge surprise to wake up and find Keri making two cups of strong coffee in the kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” I mumbled, sitting down at the table and resting my head on the table in a vain attempt to stop it pounding.

“Well you didn’t think I’d let you go home alone do you, you got hammered, It took both myself and Kyle to get you home and then we had to get the taxi driver to go at about 10 mile an hour so you didn’t vomit! Cost me a bloody fortune did that taxi journey!” Keri said, placing a cup of strong coffee in front of me and lighting up a cigarette.

 I coughed as the smoke from Keri’s cigarette furled from the end and wafted in my direction. I always did this; it was my way of showing what I truly thought about Keri smoking. I got up from my chair and opened a window; in an attempt rid the room of smoke.

“Sorry Saoirse, its habit, I shouldn’t smoke in your house” Keri said, picking up the ashtray on the table and moving over to the window so that the smoke didn’t waft into the house but out of the open window. A thought struck me, “Keri shouldn’t you be at work?” I asked. At this she giggled, “I got Kyle to open up for me, he seems to have picked things up pretty quickly and …” I cut her off here, taking a slurp of coffee then saying, “and you couldn’t be arsed” I said catching her eye.

“Precisely” she giggled, “but he only had one drink, so he was more sober than either of us, I don’t think clubbing is really his thing he seemed really on edge.”

“He did seem a bit tense” I agreed.


“Are you at work today?” Keri asked just as she was stepping out of the door to head down to the café to make sure that Kyle hadn’t burnt the place down.

“Nah, I have got some time off, Gemma says I haven’t been working up to my highest standard so she has told me to have some time off” I said and Keri nodded in realisation. “In my opinion I think it’s just her way of saying, go away and sort your head out otherwise I will sack you” I said trying to make it sound humorous but Keri didn’t laugh. “Hunni, you haven’t been yourself ever since you spilt with D*ckhead Danny and what I think you need to do is find another man, Gemma is only worried about you.” She said her eyes full of compassion.

“I know” I said shuffling my feet and looking down at the floor, “But I can’t find anyone, well …” I paused pondering the right word, “Well suitable” I said staring imploringly into Keri’s eyes, willing her to understand what I mean. She patted my arm, “We’ll both go man hunting at some point” she said grinning, “Come in for breakfast in a bit, free of charge of course” she said with a smile before turning on her heel and walking away down the street.

I turned and went back inside, my head was still hurting slightly and I made a beeline for the bathroom so that I could take a couple of aspirins. “I have got to stop drinking so much” I muttered to myself between gulps of water. I was beginning to wonder whether me drinking was beginning to become a problem  which I should nip in the bud or whether it was me just trying to drown out the fact that I now had no boyfriend. I decided that it was just me drowning my sorrows and I was going to make a conscious effort to drink less.


It was about half eleven when I finally rolled up at my sisters café to eat what would now be lunch, Kyle obviously hadn’t burnt the place down in Keri’s absence in opening up and the café looked quite busy today. I wondered in and slouched casually on the counter; Kyle spotted me and hurried over looking slightly flustered but smiling.

“A bit rough today are you?” he asked with a small chuckle

“A bit is an understatement” I groaned, even after taking some aspirin I still felt rough, “I bet I made a complete fool out of myself” I asked screwing up my face dreading the answer.

“You did yes” he said, “Took both Keri and I to get you back home into bed you kept telling up you wanted to go up to the bar and get a vodka and chocolate” he said laughing as he recalled it. “Oh god” I groaned, “I don’t remember any of that.”

“If it helps, I thought you were quite a cute drunk”

The End

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