Saoirse: The ClubMature

It was dark and mysterious yet full of life at the same time. A place where the shadows moved and came alive, dancing like a mosaic of dark clouds to the steady beat of the music.

The lights darted around the room, flashing different colors as they went, illuminating the bobbing shadows of hundreds of people all crowded onto the dance floor.

The nightclub was packed when Keri, Kyle and I arrived, after encountering a sharp-eyed bouncer at the door to the club who scrutinized our ID for a good five minutes before eventually allowing us into the club. We found a table in the far corner of the club, as far away from the dance floor as possible for the time being, so that we could talk to each other without shouting over the music which blared out of the speakers.

“I’ll get the first round in” Keri smiled warmly, she seemed to have relaxed a bit more now we were out of work and was being friendlier to Kyle now.

“What’s your poison Saoirse?” she asked me, “A cider and black please Keri” I replied smiling back at Keri.

“Kyle?” she asked turning to face him, “Pint of Beer please” he answered leaning back in his seat.

“So that’s a pint of cider and black for you Saoirse, a pint of beer for you Kyle and a Malibu and coke for me” she confirmed turning and walking towards the packed bar.  

“So do you come here often?” Kyle asked, breaking the silence between us both, “Keri and I come here quite a bit, best way to end a long day” I replied and we both laughed. “How do you know Keri then?” he asked curiously leaning in closer so that he could hear me better.

“She’s my twin sister” I said and he gave me a confused look, as if trying to work out if I was joking or actually being serious. “You don’t look alike” he noted glancing over to Keri who was still ordering drinks from the bar. “No, you wouldn’t think we were twins to look at us, we look nothing alike and we have conflicting personalities, its mad” I said laughing.

“So tell me about yourself?” I asked as Keri returned carrying the drinks,

“Well, there is not much to say really, I am quite boring actually” he said before taking a large swig of beer.

I rolled my eyes, before taking a gulp of my own drink.

We all sat in silence for a few minutes, taking sips of our drinks occasionally and tapping our fingers on the table to the beat of the music.

“Oh My God” I screamed as my favorite song started to play, “I love this song, come dance with me” I shouted jumping to my feet and grabbing Kyle’s arm and pulling him to the dance floor.

The End

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