Kyle: End of DayMature

I looked at them, stopping for an instant to consider the offer. 

A night out with the boss. Call me sceptical, but that didn't appeal in the slightest. I thought that there was a chance that Keri was different out of work - not as cruel. Probably still a nutter. 

A night out with the beautiful stranger. Well, we had talked a little bit and she did intrigue me. Saoirse had been relatively nice to me and maybe getting out would do me good. 

"Well?" She asked, clearly watching me think. 

I didn't know what to say - I hadn't thought it over enough yet. 

"We don't have all night!" Keri yelled, hoping that I'd say no. I suppose it would annoy her at the very least. 

Had I sunk to such a low? Was my life going so badly that it made me happy simply to punish my boss like that?

I could see Keri eager to leave, getting up and trying to take Saoirse with her but she was lingering slightly. It was just out of politeness right?  She offered me a smile.

Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea. Maybe spending my evening with two women wasn't a good plan just yet. I'm not ready.  But before I had chance to say no, Saoirse was bounding over to me with a smile on her face.

"It'll be fun." she insisted, taking my hand.  I wasn't so sure but then again, how could I refuse someone like her?

I offered her a smile, feeling a little weak.  I so wasn't ready. This was going to go horribly. 

"Take a deep breath," I muttered under my breath so she couldn't hear me. "Geronimo."

The End

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